Beach Volleyball 1.1

Beach Volleyball 1.1

Beach Volleyball is an entertaining virtual volleyball game
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Beach Volleyball is an entertaining virtual volleyball game in which your character is a pink round fellow who always is shown on the right wing of the court.
You can use the cursor keys to move your player, but unfortunately since this is a demo you won't be able to control them properly. In this game the sounds are scarce, you'll hear them only when you touch the ball or when it bounces. The graphics are very simple but colorful and pleasant.

The game starts when you click on the "New Game" button, if you don't want to play with the pink player there is an option to change to the orange fellow which is located on the left of the court, but this option is available only if you play in two-player mode, in which you control the first player using the WASD keys, and the second one with the cursor keys.

The points are earned as in a regular volleyball match, if you touch the ball more than three times in a row you will lose your turn and a point will be given to your opponent. Every time you earn a point you will be able to launch the ball on the next turn, now if you make a mistake and the ball falls on your territory either because the opponent made a good move or if you lost the ball, the opponent will be the one to have to ball on the next turn.

You need a total of 15 points to win the match. If you enjoy this game you can order the full version from the game's menu, you will be asked to download a full-version game which is fully functional but you need to register to unlock several levels and features.

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  • Great to relax for a while
  • Quite real and convincing


  • It's just a demo


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